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"Over the years, I've learned that great service and the skills in dispute resolution begins and ends with specific experience and a friendly yet professional manner. Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution is however more than just providing a service to others. It's part and parcel in creating the much needed rapport and trust whilst facing each hurdle with the clients. It's knowing that they are dependent on your expertise and knowledge to help them end the frustration and anxiety they may be facing; in breaking down presented and unforeseen walls in order for them to settle their dispute without the need to involve the courts.

With over 15 years of experience in dealing with various types of escalated complaints, dispute resolution, legal matters and lending of attentive ears on a domestic and international basis, the satisfaction is in knowing that people are easily drawn to ones honest, empathetic yet straight forward nature as they know what to expect. This harmonious balance is what I believe has helped the success in resolving an array of civil and commercial disputes."

- Atiquah Vohra; founder of Paramount ADR Mediation

The completion of each project on schedule to the satisfaction of the client/customer and with the highest level of quality is key. With a focus on personalised service, competitive rates and client/customer satisfaction at its core, we’re always striving to meet and exceed your expectations. Let Paramount ADR Mediation unlock your dispute to help close an old door and open a new window. 


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"Our mission involves resolving your corporate or civil needs as well as of those in need of basic human aid. We donate a minimum of 20% of our competitive costs/fees to help the homeless and needy in the UK and abroad. So when you're paying for our service at the already competitive price, remember that you are also helping to change the world of those less fortunate."


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